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Shitfuck: A Legacy of Failure
Shitfuck will go down in history as not only a bad President, but the worst President we will ever have. He failed so miserably, so vastly, and so frequently that it is difficult to believe. However, the facts regarding Shitfuck's failures are well documented and indisputable. We must be wary of those who will try to revise this established history. Apologists for Shitfuck -- and Shitfuck himself -- are already trying to spin reality, to try and obfuscate the known facts and cast Shitfuck in a better light than he deserves. We must not allow this to happen, because if we do, then it is only a matter of time before we get another President like Shitfuck. And believe me, one was more than plenty.

To this end, we must document exactly why Shitfuck was such a terrible President, beginning with his many failures. This website will be updated and expanded to include all of Shitfuck's failures, including those that only come to light as he leaves office.

This website strives for accuracy, so if you feel that any of these entries contain factual errors, please note so in the comments.
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