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Hainan Island Incident
Here we have Shitfuck standing next to Navy crewmember Steven Blocher. Blocher was on a Lockheed EP-3 spy aircraft which collided in midair with a Chinese J-8II fighter jet near Hainan Island, China in April 2001.

Shane Osborn, the pilot of the EP-3 was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for brilliant maneuvering which undoubtedly saved his life and that of the crew members. Osborn deserves a great deal of credit for his initial action. Subsequently, however, he landed the plane on a Chinese air base on Hainan, instead of ditching the plane on water. This allowed Chinese military officials to take custody of the plane, and its crew. There is no doubt that China was able to photograph and document any number of technical features and classified secrets onboard the plane.

Were the Hainan Island Incident the worst moment of Shitfuck's Presidency, there would really be no need for this website. Instead, however, it provided our nation the first glimpse of how incompetence would be greeted by Shitfuck. No one was held accountable. The U.S. lost standing and prestige among other nations. Those responsible for the failure were given medals. And Ole Smilin' Shitfuck right there in the middle, leaping into a photo op as if he had just done something wonderful. Yes, we were naive way back then. If only this was the worst of it. It's not even close!

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