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Shitfuck on Vacation
Shitfuck had about 500 vacation days during his Presidency. 500 days!!! Most Americans get 2 or 3 weeks vacation a year, but not Shitfuck. No way. Given the most important job in the world, he took 25 years' worth of vacation in just 8 years. Given how terrible a job he did while actually working, though, maybe he should have taken more.

In August 2001, intelligence officials presented Shitfuck a briefing. The title of this briefing was, "Osama bin Laden Determined To Attack The United States". The purpose of this briefing was to get the President to do something about this impending attack. Instead, Bush remained on vacation. In fact, there is no evidence that he did anything but cool his heels and take it real easy during this time. While Mohammed Atta was shaving his filthy balls and getting ready to fly an airplane into the World Trade Center, Shitfuck had to RE-LAX. After all, he had already worked almost six and a half months, he must have been, well, BUSHED. Right?

Think about it! Shit DON'T think about it, instead try this little experiment. Get a new job and then about 6 months in tell your boss, you know, I am real fucking tired. This job is hard. I am going to need a good month off with full pay and benefits. See what he says! Hey it worked for Shitfuck.

Shitfuck is always on vacation. When Hurrican Katrina landed, and people were drowning in the streets of New Orleans, Shitfuck was on vacation. It wasn't until days later, when some half-a-brain in his Administration showed him a bunch of pictures of people DYING, that he cut it short. What an asshole. We deserved better but we got worse because Shitfuck was real, real tired. What can you do. It's hard work.

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From: JulieWednesday, January 28, 2009 11:32:43AM
Many Americans get only one week vacation, even after many years. Many Americans also get no paid vacation. The point is well made that Shitfuck had many more vacation days than most Americans, but don't forget that American vacation time is much more miserly than two or three weeks--even at the white collar level.
From: sid fick (Michigan)Saturday, January 24, 2009 8:53:39AM
Cocksucker shoulda had those clubs shoved up his ass, if he can move his head aside!
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