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Mission Accomplished
The war in Iraq will go down as Shitfuck's biggest failure. There was no valid reason to attack Iraq. It represented a huge tactical mistake in the War on Terror, diverting needed resources from Afghanistan and allowing al Qaeda to regroup and gather strength in Pakistan. Saddam Hussein did not have the means to attack the USA, although he certainly wished that he did. Saddam's insane desires were converted into a necessary invasion in the mind of Shitfuck. The initial attack went without a flaw; the Iraqi military provided no resistance and Saddam and his evil sons were forced to go into hiding. It was going so well that Shitfuck decided it would be a great idea, in May 2003, to land on an aircraft carrier in a borrowed flight suit and give a speech in front of a huge banner reading: "Mission Accomplished." The aircraft carrier was anchored just 30 miles off the California coast. Shitfuck could have taken a helicopter or waited for the crew to arrive but that is not his style. Why be sensible when there is a chance to act like a smug, self-important asshole?

Since Shitfuck's stunt the war in Iraq has gone from bad to worse. Shitfuck imagined a fantasy fairy tale ending, where Iraq would become a democracy and be grateful for our invasion. That has not come to pass. In fact it is difficult to imagine what possible outcome could be worth the price we paid for this war. If one day Iraq is free, democratic, and prosperous, it for one will certainly not come to pass on Shitfuck's watch. The rate of death and destruction has varied in Iraq. The sad truth is, the number one reason the death toll has dropped over the past several years is that many formerly mixed neighborhoods of Sunni and Shiite Muslims are now populated only by one branch of Islam. The other Muslims have been killed or forced to leave. Many are refugees. Is this what we went to war for? To create cataclysmic violence that only stopped when there was no one left to kill? This is Shitfuck's Mission Accomplished.

This is what has been lost in sacrifice to Shitfuck's delusions:
  • 4,227 Americans have been killed in Iraq
  • 30,634 Americans have been wounded in Iraq
  • 167 Americans have committed suicide while on duty in Iraq
  • Over 90,000 Iraqi citizens have been killed as a result of the invasion
  • Over $589,000,000,000 has been spent directly on the war in Iraq, and ongoing operations and benefits will create a cost exceeding $2,000,000,000,000.
The costs for the war will never be recovered. The cost was not worth merely removing Saddam from power; one bullet could have done that and it would have costs us much less blood and treasure. We will pay for Shitfuck's failure for decades, and will never receive an adequate return on this investment.

THANK YOU President Obama for ending the war in Iraq and focusing on the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.

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From: mattThursday, January 22, 2009 11:58:18AM
an occupation what do you do then? more oil fuck iraqis that was the real reason hence the fight backs later
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