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Abu Ghraib
In April 2004, dozens of shocking photographs taken at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were made public. These pictures showed Iraqi victims of torture, mutilation, sexual humilation, and other degrading treatment. Later evidence revealed that Shitfuck himself had ordered extraordinary measures, including torture, in the interrogation of prisoners, including at Abu Ghraib.

Some of the activities depicted in the Abu Ghraib photos may have been ordered by high ranking officers, but the only people criminally prosecuted for the activities were low-ranking members of the U.S. military.

What happened at Abu Ghraib is wrong for many reasons. There are the obvious moral, human decency reasons which are so unfortunately and easily dismissed by Shitfuck apologists. Beyond these however, the reaction to these photos in the Muslim world caused great damage to the way the United States is perceived. I certainly do not believe that these photographs represent America in any way, nor our military. But a picture carries the weight of a thousand words, and the effect of these photographs multiplied by the millions who have seen them has been devastating.

Conservative radio announcer Rush Limbaugh dismissed the photos as similar to a fraternity hazing prank. It is unknown whether Mr. Limbaugh has been forcibly sodomized by baton, doused with phorphoric acid, urinated upon, photographed naked in a pyramid formation with other naked men, or had a rope tied to his penis as he was dragged across a concrete floor, as part of a fraternity hazing procedure. However, all these activities are believed to have occurred at Abu Ghraib.

We as Americans like to believe that our way of life is superior, the best in the world. For Shitfuck to have ordered activities such as at Abu Ghraib, which so easily allow others to call this into question, is a tremendous failure.

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