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In August 2005, the National Weather Service issued a bulletin warning that Hurricane Katrina, a huge storm, would impact the Mississippi River Delta region of the southeastern USA. The warning was so prescient, so vivid, and so unambiguous that it bears reading in full:

NWS New Orleans, LA Urgent Weather Message August 28, 2005

Devastating Damage Expected... uninhabitable for weeks... persons, pets, and livestock exposed to the wind will face certain death... human suffering incredible by modern standards. Given full advance warning of such certain devastation, what do you think Shitfuck did? He. Did. Nothing. He went to bed for the night. He had to get up bright and early because the next day was Senator John McCain's birthday and the photo op with the cake was more important to Shitfuck than the drowning poor people in New Orleans:

This image disgusts me because it was taken simultaneously with people dying in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. They were drowning in the streets. Many of them drowned in their attics. Can you even fucking imagine. Having to hide in your attic because the water has covered the rest of your house. And then the water comes into the attic. And gets a little higher, a little higher, and before you know it you have nowhere to go. And you fucking drown in your attic. And Shitfuck is slicing himself a slice of John McCain's birthday cake and you are dying. That is Shitfuck though. He really did not give two shits. The next day, Shitfuck went and played guitar with country star Mark Willis:

Shitfuck is playing guitar a full day after the levees failed and New Orleans was 80% flooded with water. You can't even pretend that you give a shit about people when you have contradictory photographic evidence like this. This is the same Shitfuck who did not even look at video footage of the people drowning and desperately hanging onto their lives until three days after the storm hit. The same Shitfuck who said the man in charge of the government response -- Michael D. Brown -- was doing a "heckuva job", even though emails later showed Brown more concerned with how much time he and his staff would have to eat at restaurants than the people drowning in the city.

There was so much wrongheaded, sick, incompetent behavior by Shitfuck and his cronies during the Katrina disaster that I recommend this Think Progress timeline which details exactly what happened and when:

Katrina Timeline

I do not blame Shitfuck for the fact that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I blame him for his incompetent response and total lack of leadership, common sense, or even basic human decency before, during, and after the disaster. Shitfuck said that New Orleans would be rebuilt after Katrina, but depending on him to keep his promise is futile. Vast numbers of homes have not been rebuilt and many still live in government trailers. More than 1300 people died from Hurricane Katrina. Not all of them were preventable, but there is no question that the number is higher than it had to be because of Shitfuck. Heckuva job, asshole.

THANK YOU President Obama for your immediate and exceptional response to Hurricane Sandy, Rebuild By 2016

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From: Kevin OBrien (Groveton,N.H.) Anti_Bush_Database@yahoogrops.comSunday, January 25, 2009 12:18:20PM
If people really knew this evil bastards agenda,they would realize that nothing he did was a failure.The New Orleans area could be redeveloped and the land and property taxes-quadrupled.This was urban renewal.Most of the people that died were minorities and poor people.It is no accident that people trying to help,were turned away at gunpoint.they had to see to it that no help arrived.However they did go door to door for the purpose of confiscating firearms.They made sure there was no resistance!
From: Teajunkie (Paducah, Kentucky) http://teajunkie.stumbleupon.comFriday, January 23, 2009 8:23:33AM
I hate this man so! Where to begin? I was appalled that in one of his last question and answer interviews he said that he thought the way he and his cronies handles Katrina was good, nothing wrong with it. God I hate this Man!
From: kev (site administrator)Friday, January 23, 2009 6:43:37AM
Thanks Brent!
From: BrentThursday, January 22, 2009 3:54:07PM
Katrina happened in 2005...
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