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Movement Conservatism
Shitfuck campaigned in 2000 on a platform of "compassionate conversatism". This is a phrase that implies that regular conservatism is less than compassionate. During Shitfuck's Presidency, conservative Republicans controlled all branches of the government. They were finally able to put their small-government personal freedom agenda to work for us! So why did they proceed to expand government, eliminate freedoms, and drive the country into a ditch like a pack of angry drunks?

The modern movement conservatism may claim to be about getting government off your back and taxing and spending less, but in practice and by its results it is all about the top 1% of earners getting fatter and fatter. I am not in the top 1% of earners, I like to think if I was I wouldn't be looking at the bottom 20% and getting pissed off because they got some food stamps.

Shitfuck was the first President to simultaneously cut taxes and start a war. WAIT; two wars. The vast majority of the money from these tax cuts went to the very richest Americans; if you are in the top 1% of 1% of earners and think Shitfuck is the greatest, hey go fuck your money if you love it so much. For the rest of us though, the eight years of Shitfuck were a lesson on what happens when Movement Conservatism takes over a government: the very rich get very richer, and the rest of us get poorer and poorer.

The very rich have no problem advancing their narrow economic self-interest at the expense of the rest of us; it is only when the poor complain about being constantly dicked over that they call it "class war". Still, their #1 fear is that we will catch on and act in our economic self-interest; since the poor vastly outnumber the rich, that would mean they get fucked! And they don't want that and they can afford to throw a little money around so that it does not happen.

Shitfuck's utter incompetence and over-reaching on taxes have damaged the Conservative movement, possibly permanently. Seeing a hard-right conservative government in power for eight years, and watching it fail, has been a wake up call to many Americans. There are some diehards who will defend Shitfuck to the point of utter incoherence, but right now Shitfuck's gutting of the conservative movement marks as yet another way he failed. He just can't do anything right. Additionally, one conservative Republican after another was revealed to be either a criminal or an utter hypocrite during Shitfuck's Presidency. Rush Limbaugh was revealed as a habitual user of oxycontin, known as "hillbilly heroin", in 2003. House Majority Leader Tom Delay was indicted on conspiracy charges in 2005. Congressman Mark Foley sent multiple sexually explicit Internet and messages to minors, and this was made public in 2006. Senator Larry Craig was convicted for soliciting a prostitute in an airplane bathroom in 2007. All these men hold themselves up as conservatives and yet the prove that they are not with their actions. The value of movement conservatism has declined greatly and will continue to decline based an America's changing demographics and the advent of the Obama Presidency. But conservative scholars will point to Shitfuck as the catalyst for the end of the long "Reagan Era" of movement conservatism.

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From: Christopher (San Francisco, CA)Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:31:25AM
Amazingly, I still hear some members of the conservative movement say things like "we brought democracy to Iraq." I guess that's true if you live inside the green zone in Baghdad and consider a puppet government with little real power a democracy. I can't help but see their denialism as a good sign though. They've retreated so far from reality that they now have less credibility than the ranting homeless guy with who hangs out down the street from my apartment. Who knows? With all of the unwarranted wiretapping and surveillance, the CIA might really be after him.
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