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Washington Politics
Shitfuck claimed he would change the tone in Washington. He said there was too much partisanship and not enough cooperation. Strange, then, that during his Presidency he turned the government over to the hardest, most ideological right-wing apparatchiks available. Dissent was crushed using any means necessary. After 9/11, Shitfuck used the attacks as a cudgel to browbeat opponents into submission. If you questioned the President's post-9/11 strategy, then he would question your patriotism in the most disgusting fashion. He was aided in this repugnance by Karl Rove and the Republican leadership in Congress, along with the noisy, fact-free right wing media.

Shitfuck was also helped tremendously by a weak, submissive response by the left. No one wants to be portrayed as unpatriotic, and no one wanted to disturb the very real unity against our enemies the vicious attacks created. Then again, few could imagine that we would ever have a President suffer such an enormous attack like that and then have the gall to blame another political party for it. In this sense, the left certainly did misunderestimate Shitfuck. He has no moral qualms and has no ability to realistically self-assess himself. In his own mind, if he did something or said something, it was true and correct simply because he was President. He gave more credence to the divine right of kings than to the Powers and limitations clearly enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. The fact that he is a self-regarding asshole fed into his belief that the President could do as he pleases.

For most of the Shitfuck Presidency, the Republicans controlled Congress as well as the White House, and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court was favorable to many of Shitfuck's legal theories. Shitfuck seemed bound and determined to prove the adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Massive tax cuts for the richest Americans were forced past Congress, along with laws restricting American's freedoms. All was dictated to the people as necessary for their safety from the moron who went on vacation instead of figuring out what the briefing "Osama bin Laden Determined to Attack the United States" was all about.

While Shitfuck and the Republicans hold the lion's share of the blame for the failure of Washington politics to solve America's many problems during the eight years of his feckless Presidency, some blame must point to the Democrats as well. Specifically, the failure to effectively use the limited powers of the minority power in Congress to stop, slow, or improve the legislation that passed. The filibuster was not effectively used because of the fear that Republicans would use the so-called "nuclear option" to eliminate its use altogether. In contrast, although the Democrats have held Congress since 2006, Republicans have been able to stop any legislation that does not carry a 60-member supermajority in the Senate. They do this without even having to hold a formal filibuster; the mere threat of filibuster holds milquetoast Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in line. This must change under Obama's Presidency. Major changes will be needed to roll back and alter the legislation passed during the Shitfuck years, and all-new legislation to improve U.S. infrastructure, energy production, veteran's benefits, and a host of other issues must be passed. If Harry Reid is unable to move legislation except with a supermajority, then he must be replaced with a Senator who will be prepared to use the "nuclear option." Change is needed and it is too important to be held up by the prevarications of the Republicans in Congress who did so much to bring our country into the crisis in which we now suffer.

"The tone of Washington" did not change under Shitfuck, and he is primarily responsible for this failure. However, Washington politics by its nature is divisive and combative. Changing Washington politics is not as important a goal as changing the results of what that politics has produced. The Democrats must take their majority and use it, to save us from what Shitfuck's failed Presidency has wrought.

SHAME ON Congressional Republicans, we know you did not work with President Obama at all these past four years.

Remember to vote a Democrat ticket with Obama/Biden at the top. We need the House and the Senate and a President who will work for the 99%, not just the tiniest sliver of the top 1%.

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From: cockbarnacleSaturday, January 24, 2009 4:23:03PM
Sean K: Do you kiss your mom's cock with that mouth?
From: Sean KSaturday, January 24, 2009 9:39:06AM
This website is embarrassing and truly a disgrace. Just reading anything on this site has lowered my overall intelligence...Seriously, I am not kidding. It would take me days to sufficiently tell you how pathetic you truly are. For example, this page in which you claim former PRESIDENT George W. Shitfuck (Not shitfuck you disrespectful bastard) moved Washington towards partisanship when in reality he upset more Republican's by consulting with the Democrats in congress and trying to move towards bipartisanship. It is sad how disrespectful "you people" can be towards the presidency even if you disagree with his policies you cannot do it in a respectful manner. But yet, if someone were to talk poorly about your Obama then of course it is disrespectful. I was not a fan of Obama, but still accept him as my president and will give him the respect he deserve, this is what makes all of you so sad, with your little website and quips, you are a bunch if fools who resort to childish insults rather then respectful debate, because there is nothing respectable about you.
From: Matt L. (Indiana)Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:40:38AM
Fuck you George

Fuck you Dick

Fuck you Karl

Fuck you Wolfowitz

Fuck you Rumsfeld

Fuck you Condi

I wish that the bible thumper's hell was real so you could burn in it
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