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Veterans Affairs
At least 30,000 Americans will come home from Iraq as wounded veterans. That number will rise as late-onset post-traumatic stress disorder and other post-combat conditions emerge. When we as Americans ask young people to server in our military, no matter what the mission, the very least we can do in thanks is to provide the best medical treatment and care to those who come back. Shitfuck's failure in this regard is a gaping wound to his legacy that he can never heal. Under his leadership, the Department of Defense has come up short in providing veteran's benefits. Over 4,000 Americans have died in Iraq, but Shitfuck has not bothered to attend even one of their funerals. He banned photography of the coffins of dead soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen, so that Americans would not see with their own eyes the ultimate price they were paying for Shitfuck's delusions. Many veterans complain of having to fight bureaucracy to get their promised benefits after returning home, or of receiving less in benefits to which they are entitled. The shameful treatment of our veterans has extended even to some having to purchase their own prosthetic limbs after their own were blown away on a battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan.

One of the most glaring shortcomings of Shitfuck regarding veteran's affairs was revealed in 2007. Injured veterans seeking treatment at the Walter Reed Medical Center lived in appalling conditions, with buildings strewn with rat feces, cockroaches, and mold. On top of this filth, the veterans were forced to submit mountains of paperwork to receive basic treatment.

It was wrong for Shitfuck to send men and women to war in Iraq. However, that decision is made many times worse when considering how poorly Shitfuck treated those who fought and served once they returned home. Once again, he did not give a fuck about them. He claims that he does but like everything else with Shitfuck, actions speak louder than words. Shitfuck only paid lip service to the veterans. They served their country with honor, which is a hell of a lot more than what he did.

THANK YOU Veterans and Active Military for your excellent service.

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